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Dare to Compare: 2280 Frederick Douglass Boulevard

When you compare 2280 FDB to the competition, there really is no comparison:

Best Appliance Package — Top of the line with a full 5 year warranty and it’s the only building around with full size washers / dryers!

Best Finishes — You need to see it to believe it. Expert craftsmanship with no expenses spared. This is what buying in a New Development is all about.

Best Layouts — There are so many different layouts to choose from your biggest problem at 2280 FDB will be choosing which one you want!

Best Location — Close to the park, ALL transportation and right in the center of everything that Harlem has to offer.

Longest tax abatement — 25 vs 15 – it’s easy to compare. For the hard at math types, that's an extra 10 years of low-tax living!

One bedrooms to penthouses — prices range from $499K to $1.89M.

Sales Office open Wednesday 1-7pm, Thursday to Sunday 12-6pm, Monday and Tuesday by appointment only. More Info >>