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Turning a Prospect Heights Townhouse Into a Family Retreat

This week, the Times regales us with the story of a pretty adorable family residing in a red brick townhouse on St. Marks Avenue in Prospect Heights. Illya Azaroff and Kristi Spessard purchased the place for $525,000 back in 2003, and put about $150,000 in renovations. They kept a garden duplex for themselves, and used the other two floors to bring in rental income. They built a homey place for the family, but it seems they really love spending time in the garden, which they use as both a place to grow plants and a place for their two sons to observe as much "wildnerness" as one can in the middle of the city. If the story isn't charming enough, you can check out a slide show of the place here.
· A Prospect Heights Home Wrapped in Plain Brick [NYT]