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First Listings Go Live for Williamsburg's Finger Building

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Williamsburg's Finger Building promised that it would, at long last, hit the market this month. Now called 144 North 8th Street, the 41-unit building has started to fill out its website. We're not short on Finger Building trivia, but here's the new info we gleaned from the website: there are 10 1BRs, 25 2BRs, three 3BRs, and three penthouses, and most apartments have private balconies. There's a "roof meadow" for planting, an amenity helpfully illustrated in cartoon form. The first listings for the former albatross of North 8th Street have also crept online, and range in price from $610,000 to $1.925 million. We're planning to pay the building a visit, but for now, floorplans for various unit sizes in the gallery above.
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144 North Eighth Street

144 North Eighth Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211