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Condo Realizes, Promptly Forgets, That Everyone Has iPhones

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The oft-covered 245 Tenth Ave is boasting a very large QR code on the side of the building that faces the High Line. When scanned, however, all the code offers is three separate links to the building's website, because anybody with a smart phone would have had a really hard time finding that. Not like it's spelled out in big letters right under the QR code or anything.

57 scans. Cool. We're not sure how much money it costs to put an enormous QR code on the side of a building, but this was definitely worth it. The website also offers a visitors a live video feed of the High Line, which might be kind of creepy if it was working.
-Jeremiah Budin
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245 Tenth Avenue

245 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY 10001