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Cruise-Themed Perry Street Pad Could Be Your Port-o-Call

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Ahoy sailor! Aboard the good ship Perry Street is a 2-bedroom apartment with a wide berth and Hudson River views from every window. It's not actually a ship, per se, but you wouldn't know it from the seafoam green decor, porthole accents, and not-very-subtle wall mural pitting the great steamship against the golden age of rail. All this retro, seafaring glory for under $2 million, since unit #4NQ has undergone two price cuts since its original ask of $2,350,000. The apartment comes with lots of built-in closets and custom solar shades, to complete the efficient ocean liner vibe.

$1,995,000 could also purchase 604 trips aboard the Queen Mary 2, as another option.
· Listing: 167 Perry Street #4NQ [StreetEasy]