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Z Hotel is All Sexx-ed Up and Ready for Limo Ride to Manhattan

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The developer behind Z Hotel in Long Island City chats with the Daily News about his 100-room boutique hotel and why LIC is the place to be now ("We’re much closer to Bloomingdale’s and midtown than people in the West Village or Harlem. It’s quieter than Williamsburg. Cheaper and safer than Bushwick."). The Andres Kikoski tower clad in industrial gray masonry and black steel finally opened this summer after a four-year delay, and its amenity package is creeping along: heated bathroom floors, fancy minibars, a hoping-to-be-exclusive rooftop bar, and if that's not authentically clubby enough, free limousine rides to Manhattan. About that not-yet-occupied dining space, which may or may not be a 24-hour "upscale diner" or "cabaret/bar style restaurant," Henry Zilberman says, "I want a good feeling like at Soho House."

Each room—ten to a floor, set in a perfectly square 10-story floorplan—"has a wall-size silhouette of a New York icon: Billie Holiday, the Rockettes, taxicabs."
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