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Murray Hill Nondo Will Be Year's Largest Foreclosure Auction

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Oh, Jasper. The Murray Hill luxury condo conversion?remember that fireside pool lounge??has been flirting with foreclosure for well over two years. It also considered becoming a 200-room boutique hotel or actually coming back to life as a condo, but the building's finances being what they were, its fate never really seemed in doubt. It will go up for foreclosure auction on October 12, according to PropertyShark, with an eye-popping lien of $121,153,794. The PropertyShark folks tell us that's the city's biggest foreclosure auction so far this year. When it comes to Jasper, we'd expect nothing less.
· 114 East 32nd Street [PropertyShark]
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114 East 32nd Street

114 East 32nd Street, New York, NY 10016