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John Jay's Glassy School Twin on West 61st Street

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New York architecture blog ArchiTakes notices a curious similarity between two Upper West Side buildings; one on the southeast corner of West End Avenue and West 61st Street, the other an addition to John Jay College of Criminal Justice, at the southeast corner of West End and West 59th, a mere two blocks away. In one corner, we have the new Abraham Joshua Heschel School by Gruzen Samton Architects (estimated for completion in 2013) and the other, Skidmore Owing Merrill's glassy 14-story extension, scheduled to open this year. The building schedules are too concurrent for one (Heschel) to be a complete derivative of the other (John Jay) so the close proximity is a shame. Though as we've seen before, in architecture, imitation can be the sincerest form of flattery.
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