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Design-y Times Square Makeover Nods to Film Noir Past

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Architecture dream team Snøhetta unveiled its preliminary plan for Times Square last night to the Midtown Community Board's Transportation Committee, unveiling a dark concrete plaza-of-the-future meant to bring the grit back Broadway (while disguising the literal grit that piles up thanks to over 364,000 visitors daily). The plan cements the current pedestrian plazas as permanent thoroughfares from West 42nd to West 47th Street. Working with the Department of Design + Construction, Snøhetta's vision looks a little something like this:
Under the proposed design, the ground surface of the plazas would be made from two tones of dark concrete pavers, arranged in an alternating brick pattern to differentiate it from a regular street. Some sections would also feature embedded stainless steel “pucks” about the size of nickels, intended to add some pizazz by reflecting light off the marquees around them.
Firm principal Craig Dykers told the board that it was his intention "to eliminate some of the chaos on the ground so it no longer competes with the action above." DDC's timeline for the re-gritification begins fall 2012, with estimated completion in 2014.
· Times Square Redesign Plan Unveiled [DNAInfo]