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Full-Floor Chelsea Loft, Complete With Massive Photo Studio

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$6,500,000 for a full-floor loft space in lower Chelsea: not totally outlandish, especially considering this 4,700-square-foot behemoth comes with an in-house photography studio measuring 54 feet across. The entire spread is currently configured with only two bedrooms, but half the floor is free for a residential makeover. Unit #3 has 12-foot beamed ceilings, giant rear-facing windows, "industrial columns, frescoed brick walls, and sculptural steel doors." It's also located in Susan Sarandon's building of choice, 147 West 15th Street. The price seems reasonable enough, considering a similarly-sized unit sold two years ago for $5.75 million, though the monthly maintenance speaks to its co-op status at $4,505 per month.
· Listing: 147 West 15th Street #3 [StreetEasy]