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Spa Opens at Last at Upper East Side Spa-Condo

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Event: The grand opening of the spa and amenities at 515 East 72nd Street, at long, long, long last. This is a building that could probably use a massage!
In the House: Mostly brokers, but we also spotted a few actual 515 East 72nd residents.
Menu: Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres by David Burke. We're not actually sure what we ingested, but it was delicious, especially the thing that tasted like a reuben on a mini bun.
Gift Bag Contents: No take-home presents, but could a gift bag compete with spa swag? If the line at the party for free massages and reflexology is anything to go by, those spa appointments will be in demand.
Soundtrack: Broker chat, much of it in praise of the building. ("Can you believe how well these units are priced?") Good to know the sometimes-beleaguered building has found fans. Was it worth the trouble?
What We Saw: Five model units, on the 38th, 28th, 25th, and 11th floors, as well as the spa and terraces. A few snaps of it all in the gallery above.
The Skinny: The bedrooms in most of the model units seemed small, but then so is the pricing, comparatively speaking. One-bedrooms start at $724,000, 2BRs at $1,296,500, 3BRs at $1.7 million, 4BRs at $4.07 million, and tower apartments (those on floors 32-40) at $1.62 million, according to the building site. Closed sales show deeper discounts.
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515 East 72nd St

515 East 72nd Street, New York, NY 10021