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Dutch Revival Goes Miami in Murray Hill Carriage House

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The cottage-like Murray Hill carriage house known as the George S. Bowdoin Stable has a convoluted history: sold five times since 1980, stripped and renovated in the mid-'80s, used as a non-profit arts space since late '90s, and last we knew, acting as a special events space run by The Gabbaron Foundation Carriage House Center for the Arts.

It was last sold in 2005 for $5 million and is now listed with Corcoran for a healthy $13,995,000. Since the stable was landmarked in 1996, it might get tricky to renovate with a floorplan suitable for living, unless your version of living approximates Patrick Bateman's.

A Habitats profile from 2007, before the non-profit took over, makes special note of the Miami-esque vibes in stark contrast to the flamboyant brick exterior:
"The novelty inside ranges from the practical -- such as extensive use of skylights and glass-block walls -- to those that the owner refers to as ''James Bond'' (a remote-control box in the master bedroom raises a curtain to a sunlight-filled shaft, and turns on lights and music) and ''Miami Vice'' (pink neon lights in pillars leading to the commercial kitchen)."
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149 East 38th Street

149 East 38th Street, New York, NY