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Introducing the Elbow House, Upper West's Crooked Townhome

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Upper West Side, full brownstone, a block from Central Park, listed for $7.95 million: pretty normal, right? The brokerbabble bills West 69th between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue as one of "a handful of truly premium blocks on the Upper West Side," and it is rather scenic with its trees and brownstones and local locavore joint. Which is what makes #70 a slight anomaly on the southern row: half of it protrudes about eight feet further into the sidewalk, matching its neighboring frontage to the right, while the left half aligns with its other stoop-bearing neighbors. What we now deem the The Elbow House is presently configured as an owner's triplex with three floors of rental units above.

Brokerage firm Vandenberg, the Townhouse Experts is hosting an open house this Sunday, October 2, from 11:30am to 1pm. If you see anything good, you know what to do.
· Listing: 70 West 69th Street [Vandenberg]