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Check Out This Boerum Hill Loading Dock Turned Loft, Asking $1.4M

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Take a look at this loft at 423 Atlantic Avenue aka the Ex Lax building in Boerum Hill. What used to be the loading dock of the building has been turned into a 2,060 square foot loft with plenty of craziness sprinkled in there. It's not the first wacky loft we've seen in the building, but this one is asking a pretty whopping $1,425,000 for its 3 bedrooms and measly 1.5 bathrooms. The listing goes into some details which might help explain the asking price, "An enormous living room with 15'8" ceilings on what was the truck park; a large well laid out kitchen and spacious dining area on the receiving dock; the huge master bedroom now in what was the dock superintendent's office; across the dock are two more bedrooms on two levels and even an added folly, a perch to overview your entire domain." Think someone will pony up the asking to be master of this domain? Maybe picturing it without the furniture and neon lights will help!

· 423 Atlantic Avenue Unit 1E [Corcoran]

423 Atlantic Avenue

423 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY