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Marcel Duchamp's Sublet Now Available for $4.75 Million

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Things we love to see referenced in real estate listings: celebrity sublets. The latest listing at the Upper West Side's Atelier, for a 3BR, 2.5BA duplex asking $4.75 million has one: "It is the former residence of art collectors Walter and Louise Arensberg. Their friend Marcel Duchamp lived in the apartment during the summer of 1915. During these years, the Arensbergs' apartment served almost nightly as a gathering place for artists, intellectuals, and writers. Through these intellectual exchanges emerged such important art movements and developments as New York Dada, the Society of Independent Artists, and The Others Group of poets." So which apartment has better artistic cred, this one or the birthplace of West Side story?

Most recently, the place was home to restauranteur George Lang. Hence the "trendsetting kitchen" described in the brokerbabble.

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