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Funky Club, Meet Horrorshow in Re-Listed UWS Penthouse

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Time to revisit a That's Rather Hideous hall-of-famer: the penthouse at The Level House Condos, otherwise known as the Upper West Side's version of Palazzo Chupi. The penthouse--which has lurked on and off the market for four years, starting near $6 million and now asking $3,795,000--has a few brain-searingly notable features, like the swirls of bright pink Venetian plaster and a warren of rooms, ranging in ceiling height from 6' to 14'. Broker real talk: the interior and layout are "funky." City Room also reports that the owners, who have lived in Club Funkytown for 15 years, also bought three other units in the building for their children (which we can only hope are decorated like the Haymarket bordello, Caribbean pirate hideout, and Marie Antoinette's dressing room).

Corcoran will have the listing this weekend; we'll update with any further surprises then.
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