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LES Scaffolding Actually Covered in Art, Not Ads

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Hidden in plain view, hovering 14 feet above the sidewalk and tacked onto FABnyc's ArtUp Scaffolding Bridge, hangs artist Brian Rose's WTC vinyl photograph installation. The photos, which just went on display this week, are so fantastic and weather-proof, but also pretty easy to miss! While searching for the unassuming installation, we mistook the photographs for advertisements, and actually walked under the art before realizing we needed to look up. And there it was!

The 28-foot long series depicts "a panoramic montage of extreme close up details of the World Trade Center’s architectural façade, evoking memories of a simpler, more innocent pre-9/11 moment." In WTC, Rose also attempts to capture the process of the Twin Towers, from their construction to destruction, in turn paying tribute to and celebrating the site's architectural majesty and legacy.

Across the street, FAB Café is hosting a concurrent exhibition of Rose’s work with nine additional prints. See all of it for yourself at East 4th between Bowery and 2nd Avenue, inside and across from the FAB Cafe. Remember to look up!
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