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Does New UES Listing Have Manhattan's Best Red Room?

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Nothing like a jolt of red paint to shock us out of our post-Labor Day rainy day stupor. Hello, 170 East 78th Street #5F. The apartment hit the market last week as an FSBO asking $1.25 million. While the decor of the entire apartment is actually quite, er, striking?check out what appears to be a floral curtain around the sink?it's hard to focus on anything other than those red walls. And it got us thinking: which Manhattan home has the best red room?
There's only one real way to answer that question?public voting! Today's poll has three contenders. First up is the apartment above. Then there's the red room at 11 West 12th Street, in the Malcolm S. Forbes House:

And our last candidate, the red room in William F. Buckley Jr.'s former duplex maisonette at 778 Park Avenue:

Ready, set, vote!

Poll results

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170 East 78th Street

170 East 78th Street, New York, NY