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Williamsburg's Finger Buiding Finally Ready for Buyers

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We've been with Williamsburg's Finger Building through some tough times, from zoning battles, neighborhood protests, and a construction stall to a few name changes. The building was finally looking almost finished by early August, and we have confirmation in today's Journal: the building will hit the market later this month. The now-simply-named 144 N. Eighth Street will be asking $550,000 (for 1BRs) to more than $2 million. And, as promised, it has an 18,000-square-foot garden. Has the building finally made it through its darkest hour?
Of course, there's no shortage of 'Burg projects that have been put in the freezer over the past three years?and it's not just 144 N. Eighth Street that's ready to be defrosted. 197 Berry Street?site of some sinking and a stop-work order in 2009?is underway again, with the developer hoping to have the building done by April or May. Starting prices: around $300,000.
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144 North Eighth Street

144 North Eighth Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211