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Signs of Life (Sort of) at Turtle Bay Crane Collapse Neighbor

A tipster writes in with the above photo and a tantalizing hint of what it depicts. Take it away, tipster:

I live on the corner of 51st and 2nd ave- where there's been a lot of activity the past few years. across the street, on the north side of our block is 303 east 51st street, the stalled development project where the crane fell three years ago last march. to the south of our

building, along 2nd ave and 50th street, the building which was damaged from the crane accident is finally being taken down?.the adjacent, overgrown plot of land in the photo by the way, was the 3-story town home that was sadly, entirely destroyed by the crane. three years later, you can still see the colors on the wall from the different apartment units inside the townhouse. Sad indeed! What our tipster really wants to know, though, is what all this destructoporn means for 303 East 51st Street and the project at Second Avenue and 50th Street. We might have a (partial) answer. Word in the spring was that construction would resume soon at 303 East 51st, but it looks like the site's stop work order is still in effect.
As for the demolition at 50th Street and Second Avenue, we believe the project in question might be 301 East 50th Street, which was up for sale when we checked last year. As of right usage, according to the old listing, allows for a 10-story building, but all we see so far is a demolition permit, and another permit for the construction of a sidewalk shed. Anyone know what's coming next? Tip us!
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301 East 50th Street

301 East 50th Street, New York, NY