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The Hideous Five: Where Are They Now?

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To break up all the 9/11 coverage you're consuming this week, we decided to wade through our That's Rather Hideous archives and take a look at where some of the most hideous picks of this year have ended up. Still on the market? Still advertising anthropomorphic decor and a penchant for mirrored surfaces? Does the PriceChopper judge apartments by their hideousness?

1.) 340 West 55th Street #2A
Rather Hideous Because: its Pepto Bismol decor is both the sickness and the cure, and we've never seen an octopus chandelier.
Now: Relisted with Corcoran and 'chopped to $849,000, it was taken off the market four months ago.

2.) 1 Central Park West #48A
Rather Hideous Because: tiger print wall-to-wall carpet and heavy eau de Trump.
Now: Also "temporarily" off the market, as of three months ago.

3.) 321 West 13th Street #1C
Rather Hideous Because: it's rife with porno-rific mirrors and as per the broker listing, needs "a little TLC."
Now: Listed under-the-radar for $1.1 million, though not on StreetEasy. Too easy!

4.) 425 East 58th Street #28D
Rather Hideous Because: Miami Vice color scheme complete with mirrored ceilings and textured wallpaper.
Now: 'Chopped $100K to $2.395 million.

5.) 32 West 40th Street #4G
Rather Hideous Because: it's a trompe l'oeil travesty.
Now: Still on the market and $5,000 more than its original listing. Guess those fixtures are solid, not plated, brass.

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