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Ten Years, Approximately Ten Billion WTC Designs: A Photo Tour

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Our World Trade Center redevelopment archive is approximately 5,796,434 posts strong, but hey, what's one more? As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, we got to reminiscing about the World Trade Center site plans architects have floated around over the past ten years. There were many, and many of those were starchitect-studded. In the gallery above, a look at some of the WTC proposals from big names that made it into the second phase of the design competition (Warning: PDF)?but no farther.

The architect who did make the cut?in February 2003?was Daniel Libeskind, with his "Memory Foundations" proposal. But many alterations to that proposal followed (with no infighting or disagreement whatsoever, of course!) before the Freedom Tower 1 World Trade Center began construction in 2006. Since then, the design has evolved further to accommodate the building's future tenants. Below, a look at the WTC SL (Since Libeskind).

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