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Hot Karl Building in Hot Water as $18.6M Foreclosure Looms

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A tipster just clued us in with this alluring tidbit: "A friend told me that her building 185 S 4th Street (by the mouth of Williamsburg bridge) has a notice of foreclosure on it. This building only opened up a couple of years ago filled to capacity and the rent is 2000 and up." The building in question is none other than The Continental, AKA a Hot Karl production topped out in 2007. Public records show that Capital One bank filed a lis pendens for $18.6 million against the property on August 29. Renters checking out the two available rental units in the building, you may want to direct your attention to any of the other 800 Fischer buildings in the 'burg.
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The Continental

885 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY 10019 Visit Website