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Centurion Hits 65% Sold, Offers Two Mega-Penthouses to Celebrate

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The Centurion is ringing in the real estate school year 2011-12 with a spate of offerings back on the market after a year in timeout. Two notable additions are penthouse units #2A and #2B, both listed at the same ask as this time last year—$12.878 million and $12.321 million, respectively. As expected, the rooms are large, the views are of Midtown, and the interiors are primer white. The re-listed units coincide with the building's 65% sold milestone, thanks to interest from foreign buyers from "Europe, Asia and Latin America." The 19-story limestone-clad collab between Pei Partnership Architects and grandmaster I.M. Pei hit the halfsies mark at the end of last year.
Penthouse 2A: $12,878,500

Penthouse 2B: $12,321,000

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The Centurion

33 West 56th Street, New York, NY