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Fifth Time's a Charm for PriceChopped Gold Coast 3-BR "Beauty"?

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This Upper East Side pre-war three-bedroom co-op also happens on swanky corner at Fifth Avenue and East 75th Street, "directly overlooking" Central Park's sailboat pond. So why all the price cuts? The current owners bought the place in 2006 for $8.3 million and have had a hell of a time unloading the 18th-floor unit, first listing it at $9.995 million in January 2011. Since then, Corcoran has pricechopped five times, million by million.

Some potential circulation problems and a windowless dining room in addition to a dark kitchen and third bedroom, but not terrible. What gives? We're guessing a strict co-op board and that $5,653 monthly maintenance.
· Listing: 930 Fifth Avenue #18CD [StreetEasy]