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Jardin's Williamsburg Garden is Finally (Almost) in Bloom

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When we first met Williamsburg's 142 North 6th Street, it was going by the name Urban Green and planning, in November 2008, for an October '08 completion date. Er. Calendrical confusion aside, the building was allegedly sold out?but then construction stopped, not to resume until the property resold earlier this year. Now it's preparing for its triumphant return, with the new name of Jardin. So far there's only a teaser website, but we're starting to believe it will really happen this time: the building's planning a broker preview event next week. Prices for the 44 units (studios through 3BRs) will range from $449,000 to $1.5 million. Will a little French make for condo sales?
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142 North 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY