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Flatiron's DIY 9/11 Memorial Chalks Up Fifth Avenue

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[Photos by Brian Stein.]

From a snap-happy tipster, who writes to us about a lo-fi DIY tribute to the 9/11 anniversary this weekend:
"Walking to work this morning along lower 5th Avenue through the Flatiron District / Union Square area, I saw this very powerful 9/11 memorial. Every few feet a line of chalk is drawn marking one floor of the Twin Towers, with a red cup filled with chalk. A sign placed at each line invites passersby to pick up a piece of chalk, comment, add their thoughts, write a memorial message, etc. When you stand in the right place on the street, you can see all the cups lined up along 5th Avenue, stretching in a seemingly endless line."
The piece was put together by the group Illegal Art. Anyone else get an eyeful this morning? Tipline is open.