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Greenwich Village SRO-Turned-Dorm Will Become Hotel

In the battle between the dormification and the hotelification of NYC, which side will emerge victorious? Today, the forces of hotelification win out. The former Marlton House at 3 West Eighth Street?currently a New School Parson's dorm and previously an artsy SRO?will become a hotel, the Post reports.

Hoteliers Richard Born and Sean MacPherson have signed a long-term lease for the building, and if those names sound familiar, it's because Born and MacPherson are part of the team behind the Jane and Bowery hotels. Born tells the Post the Marlton House hotel will be in the same "genre" as those two (cue angry neighbors?) and will "fit in with Greenwich Village and NYU." Fitting in with Greenwich Village and NYU at the same time? There's something we'd like to see!
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