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Williamsburg's "Rock n' Roll" Kid's Play Space Opens, DIY Stroller Co-op to Come?

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Brooklyn Based has a new piece on the plight of indie parents trying to make it in the music world while juggling parenthood. Of course, after reading that sentence, the word "Williamsburg" should be flashing in red before your eyes as the neighborhood you once thought of as kind of hip and maybe even a little cool gets slammed with toddlers with ironically ripped jeans (maybe from learning how to crawl) and tattooed moms debating the fastest way to swing by Roberta's for a quick lunch date in a Blue Bottle driven frenzy. Er, anyway, we're referring to the introduction of "Frolic!", the first “rock n’ roll play space” which just opened at (drumroll please), the Edge! Yes, we first told you about this Horseman of the Kidpocalypse back in September, and Brooklyn Based's intrepid Williamsburg ethnographer Susan Rohwer got the first look at the space.

It features a vintage VW Bus to play in and a Rolling Stones-shaped tongue to slide down; offers classes for kids like Musical Theater and Rock Music History 101; and for parents, pastries and pour-over coffee in a stylish lounge. · When Papa and Mama are Just Like The Rolling Stones [Brooklyn Based]
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