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A Possible Peek at the Temple of Dendur for Just $35M

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When Jackie Kennedy helped to bring the Temple of Dendur to the Met from Egypt, she conveniently ended up with a view of the temple from her Fifth Avenue apartment at 1040 Fifth through the museum's glass atrium. Now, buyers have the opportunity to score an equally well-positioned full-floor residence one door down at 1030 Fifth, with a slightly more obtuse view of the Egyptian temple but equally stunning views of the park and the CPW skyline. It's a building that's attracted some celebrity interest in the past—not that Matt Damon had much of a chance of getting past the co-op board—but it's really more of a haven for the discreetly super-wealthy. This particular apartment occupies the building's entire ninth floor, with six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and 55-feet of Fifth Ave. frontage. The asking price is just as astounding as the floor plan, at $35M, but the building is no stranger to epic price chops. The one thing the sellers' can't do much about is the $16K a month maintenance. Suddenly the $25 "suggested donation" at the Met is starting to look like a deal.

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1030 Fifth Avenue

1030 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY