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Cassa Shakes Up Some Pricing: Raises Some, Cuts Others

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We figured we hadn't checked in with the Jeff Lewis-booting condo/hotel the Cassa for a while, so we took a glance at what's been going on in the condo end of things. We should also remind you that the hotel portion was sold off for a reported $130M to a foreign company, but it didn't affect the condos in any way. It looks like a bunch of units (12 to be precise) were taken off the market and relisted, some at higher costs, some at lower and some at exactly the same. Let's start off from the cheapest, shall we? The 1BR/1BA 603 sq ft Unit 28A was formerly asking $965,000, now pricebumped to $994,500. Unit 37A got a severe chop, tumbling down from $2,586,000 all the way down to $1,995,000 for its 2BR and 1,270 sq ft of glory. If you're keeping score at home, those are cuts of $29,500 and $591,000, respectively.

42B got a pricebump from $2,461,000 all the way up to $2,901,000. And, while the big Kahuna PH3 is still asking $20M, the smaller PH1 bumped its ask from $13.8M up to $15,206,500 Let's see if refreshing the listings will garner enough positive attention to move the remainder of these units.