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Trump International's Only Duplex Wants $18 Million, No Park View Included

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According to the listing, this is the only duplex at 1 Central Park West aka the Trump International. Perched up on the 49th and 50th floors, this place is keeping it Trumpalicious with an attention grabbing stairway and even a little Zebra patterned furniture to keep things interesting. It's got 4,266 square feet, but it seems like a lot of space is wasted on the gallery space on both floors. The whole thing is just six rooms ($3M per room?!), but the worst offense may be the lack of a Central Park View. The unit has nice river and city views but at this location and price point, a park view is key. This place is certainly a nice apartment, but it's got some big hurdles to overcome if it's going to ask $18 million.

· Listing: 1 Central Park West 49/50 [BHS]

Trump International

1 Central Park West, New York, NY