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449 Washington in North Tribeca Adding a Triplex Up Top

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A Goldman Sachs wheeler dealer has nabbed a 5-story production studio at 449 Washington Street and plans to turn it totally residential and build an expansive triplex on top. The buyer is financier Gizman Abbas, who last year bought a capacious unit a few blocks south at the Fairchild on Vestry. The price at 449 Washington was $6.9 million for the 25-foot wide 2,014 square foot lot facing onto the wide expanse of Truffles Tribeca, with a little hint of the Hudson River beyond. If Mr. Abbas gets his way the entire building will be completely transformed.

Plans on file at the Department of Buildings show that Abbas wants to take the existing 8,390 square feet and build it to 11,770 square feet across seven floors. According to the Schedule A there will be two duplexes covering the bottom four floors, with one big unit spread over the three top floors. The zoning approvals for the new floors are pending, but work inside has begun and the exterior is showing a new face.

The former PoMo facade, with wide windows and a couple of port holes up high, has been reconfigured. Behind the construction netting, new sets of double windows can be seen, a more historically accurate addition in line with the grand and landmarked 1892 Fleming Smith Warehouse next door and the protected buildings that 449 Washington backs up to along Greenwich Street in the North Tribeca Historic District. For curious clickers a sales brochure shows the previous configurations at 449 Washington and a youtube vid offers a tour, filled to the gills with dry brokerbabble.

This area was recently rezoned for residential and change is all around. The glorious glass penthouse at 471 Washington a block north just sold for more than $17.0 million and plans are afoot for something big on the corner to the northwest, where a bit of Tribeca history is about to bite the dust. No wonder Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany are selling out.
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471 Washington Street

471 Washington Street, New York, NY