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Chrysler Chosen Top NY 'Scraper in Landmarks Poll

The Chrysler Building was chosen the #1 skyscraper in New York City by a survey recently conducted by the New York Landmarks Conservancy. That's not a shocker; William Van Allen's 1931 art deco masterpiece regularly is voted a favorite among architectural critics and the public at large. With 38.1% of the votes, however, the Chrysler is overwhelmingly popular among current skyscraper enthusiasts. One Brooklyn tower managed to crack the top ten (One Hanson Place at #7), but there weren't any 21st century buildings on that short list. New York by Gehry was the highest-ranked building built this millennium, and came in 17th place.

The Results: building and percentage of vote

1. Chrysler Building: 38.1%

2. Woolworth Building: 16.7%

3. American Radiator Building (Bryant Park Hotel): 13.2%

4. Empire State Building: 12.2%

5. Flatiron Building: 5.5%

6. General Electric Building (570 Lexington Avenue): 4.2%

7. One Hanson Place (Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower): 3.5%

8. Lever House: 2.2%

9. AIG / American International Building (70 Pine): 2.1%

10. MetLife Tower: 2.0%

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Chrysler Building

, Manhattan, NY 10174