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Two Apartments Face Off at the Century on Central Park West

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There's nothing like a Central Park West showdown, and these two units at Art Deco masterpiece the Century are going head-to-head for buyers. First is unit 7N, a 2,000 square foot 3 bedroom/3.5 bathroom unit with some nice park views. This is the cheaper of the two, asking $5,000,000 but it's also on the lower floor. Unit 27J is asking $5,500,000 for just 1,686 square feet. It's still got 3 bedrooms, but just 2 bathrooms. Being on the 27th floor might just make up for the drawbacks in size, though. So, is it space and a decent view or some extra bucks for a smaller space with some real height to it? Just how much difference does the difference in the floors make to the views?

What you'll see from 7N:

And from 27J:

So, dear readers: Which would you choose?
· Listing: 25 Central Park West 7N [BHS]
· Listing: 25 Central Park West 27J [BHS]