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Lie Atop the Sacred Altar of Sleep in this Reno'ed Noho Loft

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This two-bedroom loft at 382 Lafayette in Noho is flush with all sorts of unique features: a built-in bench runs the length of the living room; the wavy, barrel vaulted ceilings are left unjoined to the walls, and the gap is illuminated by a string of hidden lights; and, most strange/cool of all, the master bedroom is a plinth with an illuminated rectangle on the floor. The interiors are all very unconventional, but the seven-unit building isn't. According to the brokerbabble, it was built by the Astors and Vanderbilts. So how much for this mix of chic and classic? Try $11,800 per month for two beds, two baths, and a home office.
· 382 Lafayette Street, 3RD [Elliman]