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Where Europeans Search to Buy in The U.S.; Architecture Award for Standard

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NYC?New York City is the #2 searched destination for European real estate buyers, and Trulia has produced an excellent [interactive] infographic that shows in which U.S. cities European house hunters are searching. [CurbedWire Inbox]

FIDI?New residents of 8 Spruce Street (NYbyG) are finding that construction work on the Brooklyn Bridge is their neighborhood Welcome Wagon. A tipster writes: "Almost every night from 11 PM to 5 AM people are kept awake by large trucks, jackhammers, drills, and saws from the bridge reconstruction. Even earplugs do not fully block the noise. This goes on 4-5 nights a week and is expected to last for several years. Building management refuses to allow any residents to move, so once you sign the lease in one of these units, you are stuck. "

MEATPACKING?The Standard New York was awarded the 2012 AIA Institute Honor Award for Architecture. "The curtainwall breaks with the traditional architecture of hotels, replacing opacity with transparency, privacy with openness and defining a new paradigm."