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Be Björk's (Way Downstairs) Neighbor in Brooklyn Heights

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Along with Two Montague Terrace and 1 Pierrepont Street, 160 Henry Street is definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to apartment houses in Brooklyn Heights. Björk and Matthew Barney bought the penthouse here for $4.2M way back in 2009, giving the area some nice celebrity hype. But has the hype gone too far? This 5 bedroom/3 bathroom apartment just hit the market for an asking price of $2,375,000 (and a minimum down payment of 50%!) for its 2,300 square feet. Now, normally we would suggest that this price is ambitious but certainly not unattainable. There is a caveat, however. This place is on the second floor of the building, meaning you're not going to enjoy any of those stunning city views that makes the heights so special. Our guess is that this place is going to sell for at or just over the $2M mark.

· Listing: 160 Henry Street 2C [Elliman]