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Get a Glimpse of Huguette Clark's Fifth Ave. Ghost Mansion

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Not haunted, but there is something haunting about the idea of 17,000 square feet of luxury real estate sitting empty, fully furnished, and silent on Fifth Avenue overlooking Central Park. There is even the requisite spooky collection of dolls holding court in Huguette Clark's three sprawling apartments?the only occupants of the large floors at 907 Fifth Avenue for decades, fussed over by a cleaning staff who were the only people permitted entrance to the hospitalized heiress's New York homes. Clark died last May at the age of 104; and her holdings at 907 Fifth Avenue (split into three different apartments over the years) are expected to fetch tens of millions of dollars a piece. The Real Deal got a hold of the properties' floor plans last month and consulted an architectural historian on their significance.

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