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Landmarked!: E. Village Block First Since 1969; Hours Too Late

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East 10th Street between Avenues A and B received landmark status from the Landmarks Preservation Commission today during an emergency public hearing, but it was just hours too late to preserve one 1847 building. The LPC voted unanimously to create the East 10th Street Historic District, which is comprised of 26 buildings constructed during the mid-19th and early 20th centuries.

The emergency meeting of the LPC and the unanimous vote were prompted by the filing of construction permits by property owner Ben Shaoul, who wanted to build on top of 315 East 10th Street?an addition to an 1847 building that preservationists feared would significantly alter the nature of the entire block. While the LPC moved quickly to prevent Shaoul from altering the building, the good mood among preservationists after the LPC's affirmative vote dimmed when it was learned that the DOB issued the developer his construction permits this morning, just hours before the LPC hearing and vote.

"The Department of Buildings is required to adhere to its own regulatory timeframes, and a DOB permit was issued prior to the Landmarks Commission's vote today. Nonetheless, I believe the work will not compromise the integrity of the district," said Commission Chairman Robert B. Tierney.

According to LPC Director of Communications Elisabeth Bourbon, attorneys for Mr. Shaoul contacted the LPC to request a meeting between their client and the commission to discuss suggestions for the design of the one-story addition, and said that he is willing to work with LPC staff as he moves ahead on his grandfathered permit.

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