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A "Silicon Alley" Townhouse Fashioned from a Lowly SRO

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Okay, so this won't appeal to those that bemoan gentrification, but for the rest of us, this gutted and revamped SRO at 342 West 15th Street is a modern sight to behold. The street-side facade has retained its original brick facade—with the addition of a modern penthouse on top—while the rear features a south-facing, six-story glass curtain wall. That much glass leaves the 6,000-square-foot interior flooded with light. There are also several terraces to complement the owner's triplex, three one-bedrooms, and one studio in the building, plus a decked and landscaped rear garden. All that space, and the potential for rental income, come at a hefty price: $7.9M.

· 342 West 15th Street [Corcoran]