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Roman and Williams' Noho Loft Gets Dramatic $200K Price Cut

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Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch, the team behind interior design firm Roman and Williams, listed their Noho loft in July. Curbed commenters were among those who found the $3.5 million ask to be too high, even though it includes "Roman and Williams furnishings and custom design elements that have made this loft famous," according to the brokerbabble. Well, commenters, your criticisms have been answered?sort of. The place is now asking a mildly PriceChopped $3.3 million. Which might not be enough to make up for the awkward layout or even the bragging rights of living in a place designed by the same people responsible for 211 Elizabeth, the Standard, and Gwyneth Paltrow's place. Check out the whole loft?excuse us, "magic environment"?in our old gallery.

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