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Sugar & Plumm Unsweetens Exterior to Placate Sour Neighbors

Hyper saccharine-looking candy shop Sugar & Plumm, Purveyors of Yumm is back to the drawing board with its architects?now drawing inspiration from a photograph supplied by the Landmarks Preservation Commission that dates to the 1930s. The changes come after neighbors objected to the "garish" and "cutsie" designs for a candy store that turned the ground floor into what some thought looked like something out of a suburban shopping mall. Also objectionable: the pink plywood construction fence the color of Pepto Bismol.

In response to the criticisms, the candy purveyor's planners showed revised plans at a Community Board meeting last week that removed candy-striped lighting sconces, lollipop-inspired door handles, and reduced signage on the awnings. The photo that the LPC supplied to Sugar & Plumm for design inspiration shows how the building looked in the 1930s with a row of shops "including an ice cream parlor, a luncheonette and stores selling cigars and cordials." Tobacco! Sugar & Plumm is submitting its revised plans to the LPC today. In an open letter to LPC Chair Robert Tierney,'s David Schatsky writes that he hopes that with the LPC's guidance, the "aesthetic and cultural damage caused by this project can be kept to a minimum."

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