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Trump Soho's Unsold Units, Common Areas Headed for Auction

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We appear to have arrived at the twist in the long and entertaining saga of Trump Soho. There have been lawsuits and refunds and even a debate over the placement of furniture relative to light fixtures. We thought it couldn't get any weirder, but we were wrong. Turns out the hotel and unsold condo units at Trump Soho are going up for auction, according to Crain's. The auction?which includes a not-yet-revealed number of condo units and the common areas of the hotel?is a response to an unsolicited offer to buy the thing. "They were numbers that we would be very happy selling at," said Sapir Organization president Alex Sapir. But instead of doing so, Sapir is currently sending out info to prospective buyers and will hold the actual auction in March or April. Anyone know more? Tell us!
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Trump Soho

246 Spring Street, New York, NY 10013