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Bond Street PH Rental Listing Uses Photos from Down the Block

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This short-term lease listing for the penthouse at 50 Bond Street looks enticing enough on the stats alone: three beds, 3.5 baths, 3,387 square feet. To sweeten the deal, there's key-locked elevator, media room, and an utterly massive roof terrace. Unfortunately, there are a few problems. First, the place is only available for the months of February and March, making that snazzy roof practically useless. Second, the brokers seem to have swapped in the photos of the blockbuster, 4,900-square-foot penthouse down the block at 54 Bond—the one that sold for $13.5M last year—for those that match the floor plan. While we'd imagine this is just an internet misstep—both properties were represented by Elliman—we can't help but wonder. It's not like the genuine article is hideous either. The actual 50 Bond penthouse, which sold just before Christmas for around $8M, is a modern gem tucked atop a classic pre-war loft. Hardly worth deception and probably worth the $25,000 per month.

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50 Bond Street

50 Bond Street, New York, NY