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Spectacular Staircase Wends through This Historic Townhouse

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Built way back in 1853, the townhouse at 239 East 17th Street enjoys both stunning historical detail and a coveted spot along Stuyvesant Square Park. The 17-foot-wide home is distinguished by a magnificent staircase that ascends through four stories and, thanks to a skylight, allows light into the interior depths of the house. The four-bedroom house has plenty of moldings, six fireplaces, and well-worn hardwood floors, but loses out on trophy status thanks to that less-than-impressive width. Listed for $6M, the house will, if it sells, be changing hands for the first time in more than 60 years, a fact reflected in some of the decor choices, like a blue rug running the length of that centerpiece of a staircase. The master bedroom leaves plenty to be desired as well, as it lacks an en-suite bathroom and has but two small closets. Can this place be updated for modern living while retaining the historic charm, or will this one see the chopping block before a preservationist steps in?

· 239 East 17th Street [BHS]

239 East 17th Street

239 East 17th Street, New York, NY