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Please Crawl Into The Boudoir, But Watch Your Head

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Nothing should really surprise anyone about the configuration of an apartment in Alphabet City; we once knew someone living at a place in the neighborhood in a space under their stairs WAY before Harry Potter was published. But a photo of the bedroom in this apartment at 218 Avenue A (#1RN) gave us pause. Is that a giant doggy doorway at the foot of the bed? Or is this more of an alternative sexual lifestyle thing, in which guests have to enter the bedroom on their hands and knees? The listing hints at a semblance of a clue: "This is a great 1 bedroom located in the rear carriage house." Alright; maybe while doing a full renovation from carriage house to residence, some vestigial trace of an equine dumbwaiter was left as a piece of structural character. For $2,295 a month, we hope it is not the only point of entrance and egress to the bedroom.
· 218 Avenue A (13th & 14th St), #1RN [9300 Realty]