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One Seriously Eclectic Multi-Family Townhouse in the E. Vill

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For $5M, the buyer of 36 East Third Street will get a townhouse with plenty of proper East Village character. Sure, the price says "hated gentrifier," but the rough-around-the-edges interiors, with rustic raw wood, exposed brick, and wonky floor plan add just enough quirk to keep this passable for E.V. old schoolers. Just how screwy is that floorplan? Well, there are four units, most with double-height ceilings, one with a basement kitchen, and one—the owner's penthouse triplex—with a stunning wall of glass. The furnishings, aside from a gorgeous-grained piano, look like they might have been sourced from the local thrift shops. There's nothing terribly modern, nothing particularly well preserved, but this place certainly captures a bohemian vibe we see all too rarely these days.

· 36 East 3rd Street [Streeteasy]