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Courtney Love Judged Right in West Village Townhouse Fight

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Donna Lyon, landlord of Courtney Love's pricey West Village townhouse rental, has been trying to evict her on the grounds that the place caught fire, Love was allegedly $54,000 behind on rent, and the house had been redecorated in a manner not to Lyon's taste. Lyon took Love to court, and?brace?Love has actually prevailed. A Manhattan housing court judge has approved Love's motion to drop the case, according to the Post, because Love's lawyer proved she'd paid the rent on time. Lyon's lawyer tells the Post the renovation disagreement "remains unresolved," but regardless, Love is planning to move out when her lease expires in mid-February. Since this means a repeat of one of our most favorite things, a Courtney Love house hunt, we're happy. Suggestions for Courtney?
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250 West 10th Street

250 West 10th Street, New York, NY