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Massive, Exclusive Full Floor UES Co-op Wants $30M

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It's not everyday when a unit at the fabled 2 East 67th Street comes
onto the market, and this massive full floor unit is certainly impressive. That is, if you're judging from the floorplan. The behemoth is housed in the same building where Loews Hotels CEO Jonathan Tisch paid a then-record price of $48 million for the 11th floor, but the lack of listing photos for this unit has us wondering in what era this place might have last been renovated. Then again, anyone with the $30,000,000 to drop on this 5 bedroom/5.5 bathroom home might not be too worried about the cost of a reno.
· Listing: 2 East 67th Street [Sotheby's]

2 E 67th St

2 East 67th Street, Manhattan, NY 10065